Esteban Kolsky – There’s nothing new

So here’s a very interesting thing. I mean you know people when I go to speak at conferences, when I talked to clients, when I do workshops, all right, they’re always fascinated by how much you know we have collected about how to do social in such a short time. But what they don’t understand is that we haven’t collected or done so much in such a short time, what we’ve done is we adapted the knowledge we have from past life into what this is. So you know when I first came into the social world, I looked around and I say hey you know what? We have all these things that we’re doing for like 20, 30 years, they all apply here.

We just need to figure out a way to apply them. So most of the lessons learned and best practices on things that we advocate today are a sense that we’ve been talking about it forever. I mean I was talking in just a few minutes ago about real time enterprise 10 years ago and I can talk to you about cloud. We’ve been talking about 40, 50 years. I mean there’s nothing new; it’s just that the technology have changed to the point that it makes it easier to do it. So all those things that we’ve been researching and studying and doing, we’re recycling essentially towards this new world that we’re building because it still applies. In technology nothing ever changes, it just evolves.

Interview conducted by Frédéric Gilbert.

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Esteban Kolsky - It's not about technology

Esteban Kolsky - It's not about technology

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