Ross Dawson – Collaboration and Ecosystems

I think collaboration is part of being human and it is the old business in fact sort of collaboration. People don’t enter business transactions unless they both feel that they benefit in some way. Every business transaction is a form of collaboration. So what is beginning to change is that the… You know we went through a period where organizations started to become very distinct in how they work and separated from their business environment to a significant degree.

So now we are seeing this thing both the imperative of effective collaboration within organizations to be able to work closely together across locations, across different departments or divisions different aspects of the organizations. And increasingly, and this is the biggest shift over the last decade or so and continuing is the imperative collaborating externally. Collaborating with clients, what I call knowledge-based relationships and with suppliers, with partners and indeed building ecosystems.

And we’re starting to recognize more and more this growth of business ecosystems more essentially which are broad-based collaborations. So business value is created not within a single organization but across a number of organizations.

Interview conducted by Frédéric Gilbert.

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