Sameer Patel – Blending technologies

Well, I think there is some fantastic technology out there today that hasn’t really reached just this week. It may have… the messaging I think as an industry, this is not really the vendors in particular, but the messaging has also been extremely moderate so far. It has been really complicated where else but in the value of the usage or the stuff and I think it’s just about head a lot of people of it or it has just been unclear and they’re like which are for others because it is … they answer for ways and actually the stuff but I think the tools and technologies today are extremely promising. Or with egos I don’t believe we’re done with innovation at all. I think there is plenty to go but what we have today compared to what we had… what most companies is still sitting on there’s plenty of technology after that and help.

We started this off and I think in the last four of five years also from a technology messaging standpoint we’ve started to simplify it a little which is great. It used to be about replacements for everything you have and they’re already using mail and throughout most CMS systems. And I think it’s much more mature now. But both this new and old… it’s new model with more mature technologies working hand in hand. I think some of the best thing that we’re seeing now which I’m really excited about is just there is more trust about microblogging and extremes and that kind of stuff. It’s blending the best of text based. There are lots of ways coming into the mix now like communications, video and we’re moving to a place where we’re being cognizant of fundamental reasons in which humans interact.

We do write to each other. We do get up, pick up the phone and call each other. We do have face-to-face meetings. We do all those three. We combine sometimes and I think some of the new innovations taking all of that stuff into account. The second great thing of what’s happening in the technology side and I’ve been asking from for this literally for two years now so firstly I’m really happy to go there is the blend of this process and engagement stuff. So at the point of intent when there are events that are happening inside my ERP and CRM systems which enable them… well not enable them but sort of how to stock to collaboration. We’re finding that the facilities to collaborating are closely allowing with those… really expresses eccentric systems and so we’re not requiring people to sort of toggle between process world and then go to another place on my machine that’s not my collaboration place and we run those on to the top of the others.

So I think we’re more actually starting to really get started.

Interview conducted by Frédéric Gilbert.

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