Sameer Patel – Building trusted relationships

I think that on the one hand is the social revolution change from what would have done and trust is the key, right. It used to be a time where from the time with the start of the sale or map the roads that we chose to close on map close you have this very one-to-one relationship with the prospect or the customer. A customer somehow through some channel or some marketing campaign of yours is connected and said, “Yes, I’m interested. Talk to me,” right.

And sort of also said, well, that whole change has been turned upside down where customers maybe expressing online that they’re interested in buying a new laptop and I’m just taking the same example we’ve been using, right. It could be a part or it could be anything. And the access to that sort of purchasing intent upfront is exposed and not just you but to all of the competitors.

And so even if I state clearly that I’m looking to buy a BMW every other competitor seems to be upfront and has the ability to come forward with how would you consider this or that, right. So when you start to look at colla… we’ve looked at it but we’ve called it collaboration but it’s really essentially starting to build deeper relationships with customers be that on the social web or while we’re talking to one-on-one wholly upfront where they can… the initiative is positively for a second.

But, it’s like a negative thing whereas it’s sort of some sort of fear and uncertainty. You have the ability really upfront to start to build a very trusted relationship with customers by showing them the best of the best that you have, right, exposing some of those best minds inside your organization wholly on upfront and proving to them especially on the context of complex sales that you are the right person. You’ve got to widen the vision engines or levels inside the organization.

And by the way, you’re going to be able to help… I think the significant change that needs to be dealt with. This is a fact that competitive dynamics have changed things. This is also… but the second thing is that it also exposes testimony intent in a way that you never knew before and so collaborating with them and I’m using the word collaboration lightly. I’m not sort of little sort of… I try to be really careful. There is a set definition of collaboration that has existed for.

We’re expanding with our definition little which is it’s not collaboration necessarily but it’s engaging, it’s being there, it’s building trust with customers and helping them understand all the time that it’s not. You’re going to stick around and put your best foot forward well after the sale. And so I think that’s where some of these collaborative dynamics start to make a big difference, right. This is one of sort of the beach head of value proposition. There are a lot of customer communities that were seeing processes where customers are enjoying community initiatives on to the traditional marketing websites.

Interview conducted by Frédéric Gilbert.

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