Ray Wang – The right of being offline

A lot of the changes have been happening on the consumer side and the societal side. That organizations are behind. They’re just catching up. So… I mean this is the same thing when email or chat first came in we all used it, right? Companies banned it but this is ridiculous. We got to have work done. Same thing with devices. People were bringing their own devices to work.

So… I mean we are kind of dictating how the workplace is moving from the bottom up right now. I don’t think that gonna could change. As new technologies evolve, people bring these new technologies into work, I think companies have no choice. When you think about the convergence that’s occurring in general, the change aspects, in terms of not just the technology but in terms of how we adopt change, unless someone goes out and forwards that we are not going to do this anymore, I mean maybe there would be revolts, right? When people say, I’m not going to… I’m going to provide my present. There is one thing that I am very worried about actually, is I think it is of the uttermost importance that we preserve the right to be offline. If we don’t preserve that we’ll loose all our freedoms. It starts with ability to be able to escape … of being offline. And so we can be punished for not being offline. For not being online we cannot be punished. It’s happening right now. We are recreating Skynet, we are recreating Matrix, we are recreating all the things that we would fear on our own. And if we can’t protect that basic right of being able to be offline, and being able to conduct a life offline, we’re in trouble. We are in big trouble.

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2 Responses to Ray Wang – The right of being offline

  1. Ray, you make an excellent point: We should have a say on being offline, and it should be a right.

    We live in a time of incredible change and transformation. Both in business and personal issues preserving the right to be offline will keep us from becoming something we never intended to become.

    Thank you for the insight.

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